Our Philosophy

私たちの理念 サムネイル

Our firm traces its roots to the Naoto Nakamura Law Office, established by Naoto Nakamura, Attorney-at-Law, in February of 2003 as an incarnation of the philosophy that 'lawyers are professional craftspeople who put the interests of their clients first.' The firm changed its name to Nakamura & Tsunoda when Daiken Tsunoda, Attorney-at-Law, joined the firm in March of that same year, and later took on its current name of Nakamura, Tsunoda & Matsumoto in January of 2005 when Shinsuke Matsumoto became a partner. With the subsequent departure of Naoto Nakamura and Daiken Tsunoda in April of 2023, a new generation of attorneys, who have reaffirmed the shared philosophy that 'lawyers are professional craftspeople who put the interests of their clients first' will take on the firm’s history and values, and as a small yet exceptional group of “professional craftspeople” that consolidates the diverse expertise and knowledge held by each individual attorney, will seek to provide an even higher level of legal services to all clients, and give new life to a reborn Nakamura, Tsunoda & Matsumoto.

Under our common philosophy which emphasizes that 'lawyers are professional craftspeople who put the interests of their clients first,' we will share joy and satisfaction with our clients by manifesting our individual abilities as professionals, providing high-quality legal services on a timely basis through the collective knowledge and knowhow we have each cultivated. In the future as well, we will always hold on to that “spirit of professional craftspeople” to be a firm where we maximize performance both as individual full-fledged “craftspeople” and as a collective of “craftspeople.” We will continue to welcome members who share our ideals in an effort to enhance our overall strength as a collective of “professional craftspeople.”

Our firm practices in all areas of corporate law, including litigation and M&A, focusing on disputes, matters and affairs related to the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. It is our aim to seek out fair and optimal solutions in those unfortunate events when disputes arise (the clinical practice of law), but it is also our aim to utilize our knowledge of litigation and other legal matters to prevent disputes in day to day affairs (the preventive practice of law) and to provide strategical and reasonable legal responses (the strategic practice of law), while valuing close cooperation with all clients. Our clients range from listed companies to small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, and we are involved in a variety of industries including banking, insurance, securities, trading, resources and energy, railways, communications, IT and technology, manufacturing, foodstuffs, M&A advisement, aerospace, medical care, private equity funds and venture capital. We also believe that the publication and promulgation of the results of our ongoing legal studies in books and academic articles, and through lectures at various organizations and companies, and the utilization of the knowledge gained in this process are key in the execution of our duties as attorneys.

Based on the philosophy and personal experience we have cultivated over the years, we will continue to push onward as a collective of “professional craftsmen” that seeks always to serve and satisfy our clients in the practice of corporate law as it evolves day to day in its complexity.